May, June and July

Printmaking and Jewellery Workshops

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Old and Young Workshops

learning to be creative together.


This workshop is designed for both age brackets to learn how to work along side each other,

exploring new skills together.


This is a joint printmaking workshop

- 28th June

Price for one adult and one child (under 13) $200

-one full day 11am - 4pm

All Materials Provided

No Previous expreriance needed







Adult Workshops



Beginners Lino block $110

- 2 classes 3rd and 10th May.

Morning sessions 10am-12.30pm both days.


Beginners Collograph $100

-2 classes 3nd and 10th May.

Evening sessions 6pm-8.30pm both days.

- 21st July, full day 11am-3pm.


Porcelain Jewellery $120

- 2 classes 17th and 24th May.

Morning session 10am-12pm both days.

- 2 classes 2nd and 9th June.

Morning session 10am -12pm both days.


Beginners Dry Point $110

- 2 classes 27th June and 4th July.

Evening session 6pm-8.30pm both days.


Advanced Dry Point $175

- 19th July, full day 11am-3pm.




All materials required for the workshops our provided unless other wise stated. No proir knowlegde is required for any workshops however in the advanced classes there is a certain assumed knoweldge and the basics are only touched on.


Lino block workshops will introduce you to the fundamentals of how to carve and design your own distinctive image and how to prepare your paper. Advanced classes take this one step further introducing different papers types and different methods of printing.


Collograph workshops introduce you to how one can create unique prints by using recycled material to create tonal designs, advanced classes introduce texture and colour.


Drypoint workshops focuses on transforming your drawings onto the acetate plate, carving your designs with the use of a needle point allowing for delicate refined detailed prints without the need of using any acids.


Jewellery workshops explore the nature of the clay creating a set of hand formed pieces to suit the wearer, playing with texture, colour, decoration and glazing.



Kids Workshops

(8-12 )


Ceramic Jewellery $60

- 2 classes 17th and 24th May, afternoon session 4pm-5.30pm both days.


Ceramic Jewellery $60

- 2 classes 27th June and 4th July, morning session 11am-12.30pm both days.


Collograph Stencil $90

- 30th June, full day 11am – 3pm.


Collograph Dry Point $90

- 2 classes 1st and 5th July, morning session 10am-12.30pm both days.


Lino Block $90

- 2 classes 1st and 5th July, afternoon session 2am-4.30pm both days.


Dry Point $90

- 7th July, full day 11am-3pm.



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